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Reworked Skirt V1


Made slowly. 

Introducing the reworked corduroy skirt—an embodiment of timeless aesthetics and durability. Crafted entirely from repurposed materials, sourced from the Goodwill bins, this piece showcases a commitment to reducing waste and creating an item that is versatile and can be kept for many years. 

Made from a durable cotton corduroy, the skirt offers both comfort and a timeless aesthetic. The material will fade over time allowing th wearer to connect with their garment. The black corduroy ensures versatility, effortlessly transitioning wherever it needs to.

Functional and versatilr, the skirt features two large wrap-around pockets, adding both visual interest and practicality. A repurposed Arc'teryx buckle elevates the design, promoting sustainability and reducing waste.

Made in Logan, UT

Materials                 100% Cotton | Made from corduroy blanket

Care                           Wash cold with like colors, hang to dry

Details                       4 hours to pattern + fit + 6 hours to construct.

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